Meet The Team

Andy Turner
Andy Turner
CEO & Owner

Andy Turner was raised with a strong sense of service and altruism. His father retired when Andy was young, but instead of kicking back, he devoted his time to volunteering, paving the way for his sons to follow in his footsteps. Andy began in the workforce as a teen, helping his brother in financial services, answering phones, and learning the ropes. After attending college, Andy obtained his insurance license and began paving his own path in the financial sector. He first started with a different company, but after excelling in sales, his brother offered Andy a job, which he took.

Andy excelled in financial services but didn’t resonate with the structure of the corporate sector and decided to pursue real estate. He did that for many years until he eventually partnered with his brother, forming an epic reunion in the financial services industry. A few years into the partnership, Andy’s brother became ill with cancer and had to step away, leaving Andy to run the business. With a strong desire to lead altruistically, as his father had done, Andy continued to run the business and incorporated opportunities to give back by creating the Thomas P. Turner Foundation, which sponsors local charity events.

Andy now leads a fiercely independent practice, working with everyone from pro athletes to entrepreneurs to retirees. He is dedicated to helping the hard-working people of his community feel empowered through financial literacy and education, building confidence that their future is secure. Just like Football is what it is today because of Vince Lombardi, Andy is who is because of the honorable leadership of his dad and brother. He has achieved financial freedom for himself and has the expertise to help his community do the same.

Shelby Earl
Shelby Earl
COO & Managing Partner

Shelby Earl serves as the Managing Partner at Hall of Fame Financial, leveraging over 7 years of extensive experience in the insurance industry. In her multifaceted role, she oversees day-to-day operations while actively engaging as a hands-on agent. With a specialized focus on the senior market, Shelby channels her passion to empower agents and agencies, facilitating success in today’s dynamic marketplace. She maintains a proactive approach by personally engaging in sales activities, believing it enhances her ability to connect with and guide agents effectively.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Shelby enjoys quality time with her family and indulges in outdoor adventures, often exploring parks and hiking trails accompanied by her Goldendoodle, Murphy.

Cathy Gumbiner

Cathy started in the insurance industry in 1999. Getting licensed with Life and Health as well as her Series 60 & 63, she became upset at her lack of knowledge about financial products.  She realized that the life insurance agent she had worked with for herself and her family must have thought of them as transactions!  With a young family, she knew enough to know to get life insurance – but never was told the workings of it – like when she was on bedrest while pregnant she could have accessed some cash value to help pay the bills!  It was then and there that she knew that somehow she needed to be an advocate for financial literacy.  While working with some of the industry greats at Prudential, LifeUSA/Allianz and Thrivent Financial, as well as a large FMO in the Twin Cities, she was able to share some of her knowledge and ideas with literally thousands of agents,  their clients and marketing organizations across the country.

During her years as a licensed and certified CE instructor, she conducted hundreds of seminars, webinars and workshops on topics surrounding financial literacy and target marketing.  

Cathy’s experience has equipped her with all of the necessary skills to be able to align the appropriate solutions and education for individuals and their families.  

Her passion for sports, (especially Minnesota Vikings football! ) and learning about the physical and financial problems of the retired athletes – brought the idea of Hall Of Fame Financial to light.  Focus groups with retired athletes showed her that they all wished they had educated themselves better on their finances.  Being able to provide education, additional income opportunities and second career options became the mission for Hall of Fame Financial.  

Cathy lives in Chanhassen, MN with her beloved dogs Winston and Pearl.  She’s an empty nester who has proudly raised three amazing sons: Keaton, Austin(wife Shelby), and Mason(wife Meg).  On March 12, 2024 Mason and Meg made her a grandma to a beautiful baby girl who she intends to spoil as much as she possibly can!  

Since January of 2020, she has helped care for her aging parents – seeing firsthand how important it is to plan ahead has made her even more determined to be an advocate for financial literacy.